This is a posting of my July 24, 2012 email update

A lot of progress to report! The internet provider and the tower installer were out about 10 days ago. They marked out the tower site. Everything looks good but we’ll need a few volunteers to help remove a some trees. If you’re skilled with a chain saw and can help let me know.

The service provider, Todd Gardner, will be sending out a mailing to the neighborhood so people can become familiar with his business. Look for that in your mailbox within the next few weeks. This should detail the services he will offer, contact information, his web site address, etc.

Todd would also like to send out an email to the neighborhood introducing himself. I would like to provide him with my neighborhood email list. Let me know by July 28th if you would not like me to provide your email. As Todd has essentially taken over coordination of the effort, this will help him keep us up to date.

Todd will provide specific plans and costs in his communications. From what he indicated to me recently the monthly premiums would be less than most satellite or cellular plans with better speeds and include unlimited bandwidth (no data caps or usage thresholds).

Todd does need at least 30 customers within the first few months of service to make this work. We have about 100 “unserved” homes in the neighborhood so I know it can happen. If everyone can let their neighbors know broadband internet is coming, that would help!

Let me know if you have any questions or if you do not want to get future emails about the build out and service from Todd Gardner. Also, let me know if you can help with the tree removal.