This is a posting of my August 26, 2013 email update.

A quick update on broadband progress. A few weeks ago a number of neighbors pitched in and cleared trees around the tower site. Thanks to everyone who helped! It was a big effort!

I understand that the tower has been purchased, although I don’t know if all the components are in.

We are currently waiting on some on-going discussions with the Township. The internet provider and tower installer are discussing an expanded plan to cover much more of the township. Another meeting is supposed to take place later this week and I’ll get an update.

These discussions started about 3 weeks ago when John Kingsley, the Webster Township Supervisor, contacted me to talk about our progress. I forwarded the request to the provider, Todd Gardner. Todd did not intend to delay the build out in this area, but I think this will be a positive step for us.

As I have mentioned to a number of residents outside of our immediate area, the idea has always been to pilot and prove out the deployment on Scully Rd and then to work with other neighborhoods, the Township or even Washtenaw County to expand service. I have very few details, but it sounds like additional leg work and planning for that expanded coverage is being done up front before the build out starts.