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The Petition For Broadband Internet Access

Many areas in Webster Township are without broadband internet access. We are highly interested to work with any provider that will offer true broadband internet connectivity comparable to available cable and DSL plans. We also feel that changes should be made at the appropriate local, state and federal levels to ensure broadband access is rolled out in a fair and equitable manner.


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Raymond MartinI am a gamer. For years I always played offline. Ever since the xbox one and ps4 came out that was no longer an option. The updates required internet to play games. The only internet available is satelite and thwt does NOT work with updating games let alone playing them. The connection speeds are too slow and the latency is ALWAYs high. Please just provide one company to my area. I will pay any reasonable price. Please offer me something other than slow satelite.
Missy JusticeOur only option is satellite internet which is extremely costly and very unreliable. We need to have a better option in order to have a reliable internet connection in order to do literally even a basic Google Search. It is ridiculous the run around I have gotten from every ISP not providing us internet. The closest internet customer to us is 1,700 FEET away from our house and they will not service us!!!!
xxxxxxxxOur only option is over-the-air internet and it is very spotty and always going down.
xxxxxxxxall we can get is satellite. There is no cable here were we live. Community of about 500 homes in country. My service sucks.
Cody WhittingtonWe only have one provider option, and they are constantly down. Suddenlink is awful.
PaulCan’t get cable ends mile down the road cable company wants a few thousand dollars just to move it down here
John KenyonOnly option is satellite, which is slow, expensive, and has data caps. Unusable for work and home school.
xxxxxxxxI was told there was broadband at thus address by time Warner befire I purchased the property and it was not true and without high speed cable and cannot work effectively or home school
Coy Longshore 
Chrispian AshbyEastern Indiana Wifi, inc. are a damn joke. My only other option would be Satellite...and what do you know, they don't provide in my area.
michael smith 
Tyler Kelly 
xxxxxxxxMy internet is an absolute joke, I pay £25 for internet just so that videos won't even load In the lowest quality? Disgusting
xxxxxxxxI cannot get fibre despite being within 2 miles of centre of Bristol. I can only get a max of 4.4mbps using phone line with Talktalk
Joshua GarrettCan't get any kind of dsl only option is over expensive satellite. Also satellite internet limits you on data, and is slow and costs twice as much. I work a full time job that requires work at home and I am unable to do it. I literally have to go to my friend house to submit work.
xxxxxxxxI want Charter at 174 Fido Drive Bristol VA. Please! Please! I want Charter to be dropped from Kingsport, TN.
Maria PizarroThere are alot of internet companies right down the street but none for my address except Hughes witch we know is a joke.
Phillip BrumitComcast 150 Mb is only 200ft away but not available at my house, only centurylink. I hate centrylink bad service always drops, super slow, and has a data cap.
xxxxxxxxI can't get anything past 6mbps and I'm paying so much for low internet while people who get 100+ mbps pay the same amount i do.
JamilaI am unable to get any type of Broad Band Internet. Let me know what I need to do the change this.
Christopher Baron 
Tina BurchettBRING INTERNET TO HEATH SPRINGS Southcarolina only thing is slow satelite internet that gets throttled also verizon is expensive on our phones
Danny PirceArmstrong has rights in my area and have it run about 2 mile from house in both directions. All we can get is hughesnet and it is slow and cuts out all the time.
Matthew CarrierOnly wireless Internet through verizon at an average 100kbs for usd is available. Or huges net very wooded area which Directv has issues with. Main fiber line for comcast and verizon fios is 300ft from property line. Requesting cable or fiber to mine and/or 35 residences within neighborhood. Need quote from one of the two providers. Please help.
xxxxxxxxThe only thing available in my area is Hughesnet, and paying 60$ a month for slow, shitty service is just unacceptable. No other major provider is willing to run a line down to my address even though I'm four miles away from both the cities of Chelsea and Stockbridge. It's *ridiculous* and incredibly frustrating.
Kyle Edinger 
Jolene MillerOnly satellite internet, small data packages, slow speed.
xxxxxxxxCan only get satellite internet through HughesNet - the WORST possible service provider around.
Lowell Wickman 
Donna WhatleyI had CenturyLink, but it was slow. They disconnected me because "their bandwidth was big enough, I shouldn't have ever been hooked up in the first place." Now with hughesnet, and it's the biggest joke around, not even close to what the promised, and I'm stuck paying over 0 a month.
Keith LuneauDSL is available but insanely overpriced and slow. 1.5/256
JUSTIN WORTHI dont want to rely on satellite internet or wireless hotspot for our home internet. I am in the suburbs just outside a major city. There is not reason why I shouldn't have WIRED broadband access. Both Satellite and Wireless hotspots have data caps, which I want to avoid.
xxxxxxxxDSL is very slow and unstable. No other internet option.
brandon poseyHI. my name is brandon. i live in taylor county, i am located right on the preston county line. For years i have delt with dial up internet, and believe me its not fun. We recieve mail from internet providers that say they offer high speed DSL in my area, or comcast. But when i call to verify, they say its not offered in my area. There is people that live on the hill above me and they have fast internet. I currently have hughes net which is satellite internet which cost a fortune but not fast enough for things i like to do. We used to not have city water either, but last year we got a petition going and got our city water from the hill above. if i can get city water, then why cant i get internet?
patty branchaudWe currently have clearwire and losing it. Now for 30G going to cost 0 per month. I currently pay unlimited data. No other service except satellite and sprint hot spot.
KevinThe Comcast utility is less than a 1/2 mile from my home. There are over 40 homes that would get services if available.
Share for intetnet earn user.
xxxxxxxxI Have DSL and it is to slow. I am {1500 ft} from charter communications and I need faster internet speed for my business. Please help
william martini really want dsl or cable please help me
Ashley roachWe cannot get broadband or DSL in our area and I know for a fact it's available just up the road from us in both directions. All companies are not willing to run the cables further so everyone can benefit. So we are currently stuck with a satellite Internet provider who knows we can't get anything else and they take advantage , are very rude and refuse to help with any technical problems we have! We need broadband asap !
Cody Price 
MarioI stay about two miles max from At&t and also cable one high speed broadband internet. I have spoken with At&t reps for over 10 years. They only say will be availabe in the area soon. I have to struggle with Hughesnet and Exede with the small amount of data they offer at there crazy prices. Please help bring broadband.
Gregory Fox 
xxxxxxxxwe can't get broadband in our area either...Just expensive and slow satellite based service. We are less than a mile from TimeWarnerCable box but they refuse to run the line.
Chris BradleyMy house is ~250 ft from AT&T's line but I can't get internet.
devon simonscomcast and i believe at&t offer cable and broadband not even a mile down the road from me. I have four kids who need internet for school. I pay a month for 10GB of service that is used up in a matter of days then its a token to restore and that is gone in a day. its a rip off. I do not live in the sticks there is not a reason why other providers can not offer service.
Peggy SmithWhere we live our only option is Hughesnet, they are charging me 60 bucks a month for 5 GB pre month of download allowance and since their upgrade to Gen4 they no longer have the unlimited allowance between 2am-8am you're limited to the same amount that you have per month just faster and if you use that up they start taking away from your anytime allowance. We've tried to get cable from charter out here but and I quote "We don't want to spend the money to put the cable out there."
WesPlease contact me with any updates, also if I may be able to help.
xxxxxxxxHaving 1 option for internet is an absurd as they are clearly price gouging. I paid a month for adequate internet in a populated area and now it's for a 5gb cap. It should be illegal as customers are being taken advantage of.
Ann HughesOur only option is satellite (Hughesnet). We are paying a month for Internet that doesn't work (even on a perfectly sunny day) with a 15 GB cap. They want to charge us 0 to fix our router - which we lease from them. We could choose to pay more to get just a few more GB of equally crummy service... By the way, we live only a few movies from the city yet this truly is our only option.
Nicholas GreenOur whole complex gets DSL, it is a really bad line and is slow for how fast it could be. Cable would be Awesome
Jeff WehrweinPeople next door on both sides can get DSL. People about 1 mile down the road can get DSL and cable. Can I please have service also?
Andrew Davis 
prof premraj pushpakaran 
blake griswellPeople who live about 1 mile from me can get DSL any time they want and have been able to for years but I still cannot get cable or dsl
xxxxxxxxWe live on Daly Rd, halfway between Zeeb and Vaughn Roads. There are so few homes on this stretch, that DSL or cable may never happen. We are interested in getting some good service!
dan marshall 
Sylvia WallaceSee comment in blog
Amit PatelIn my are no Internet at all from any provider. Called each and every provide and they don't provide service to my area.
xxxxxxxxI need internet and there no provider that offers service. The only internet service is satellite service which is slow and cap to minimum usage. Lot of stuff I do for my school required internet and it is not available.
xxxxxxxxCable and/or DSL is available just a couple miles down the road I live on, in either direction. Our only options are satellite (overpriced, slow, and limited bandwidth) or our current solution, a Verizon MiFi (limited bandwidth). I work over the internet (freelance graphic design) and neither of these solutions are suitable. It's ridiculous that no company, cable or DSL, will extend another few miles to us. We were told when they laid the cable that ended just north of us that it would run all the way through to the town south of us (Hickory Flat) but apparently we were lied to.
xxxxxxxxWould love to have broadband internet at my home. It's available at both ends of my street but not in the middle......
Sue ConklinI didn't think that telling a cable provider driving down my road 25 years ago that I didn't want cable TV would continue to result in the lack of cable down our road. I was told by the local cable provider that it would cost 00 to run cable to my home when there is a cable line less than 1/2 mile either direction of my home. Local leadership in Webster Township, please address this rather figuring out who is going to benefit from a new cell tower going up on their property and the revenue it will generate the that person when the rest of us will have to look at it.
Robwhen will Charter finish the job and hook us all up? I've been waiting 20 years!
Fritz Knapp 
justine barajas 
xxxxxxxxCharter is 1/4 of a mile away from my house and i've been waiting 7 years to receive their service since they're the only close high speed internet service near me. The only thing I can get is Satellite or Dial-up. I've called and nothing has been done. Will I ever get serviced or will greed continue to thrive?
xxxxxxxxThanks for what you are trying to accomplish. any help you need contact me by e-mail everything else is so very expensive and has data caps. sucks thanks
BrentHighest speed available for me is 512k download. All other providers are satellite Internet which doesn't work for me because I'm a gamer. Which uses a lot of data.
Tyler JohnsonThey have charter 2 miles from us, I can get 10-20 poll on my road and the next to full out a contract with them, but I'm not sure how to petition for it to grab the cable companys attention, I'm stuck with expensive satellite internet now and it sucks.
xxxxxxxxArmstrong Cable Internet ends around a mile from my house! We have been waiting years for highspeed internet. In this area you need it for just about any job that you get and my children need it for school. PLEASE HELP!
Shanna ColeWe can only get satelite for 80.00 to 150.00 a month. I refuse to pay that!!! Outrageous!!!!!! I moved from town and was paying .00 a month for High Speed UNLIMITED DSL Service/Wi-fi. The whole township and city of Stockbridge is dying to get something here! Not the 4GB 100.00 a month deal.
J. SimondsThere are many homes on Donovan Road unable to get cable.
SarahPlease help us to the 21st century!
Dial-up userI get satellite and dial-up. Satellite internet services do not fit my needs, and dial-up is too slow. Charter ends their services just 2 miles away from my house. If Charter or any other type of a wired internet service was to expand to my house, I would DEFINITELY get it.
Adrian ChrysanthouI desperately need broadband in my area. Please!
Jeff BuchananCharter will not service my house. they stop at the Livingston county line. AT&T can not keep the DLS working. Need access!
xxxxxxxxMy son needs to use internet video for calculus help. My husband uses his ipad and macbook for his work as a public school teacher. We are consistently going over our monthly allowance of data through cell phone service. It is costing us a fortune. Very impractical and difficult for us to afford.
Brent BowlesIt is nice knowing that other people have this same issue. It has been frustrating talking to Comcast, AT&T, and Charter and listening to them deflect.
Ashley Bradetich 
Grant CookI'm only 4 miles from the center of Ann Arbor!
dennis larrow 
xxxxxxxxI need service as soon as possible. Charter has service within 100 feet of my property but will not give me service
Rob MitzelCharter Cable ends 600 feet north of my house on Scully and they said it would be k to connect. I use Verizon wireless broadband which is quite slow (but better than dial-up). Schools are requiring more connectivity for assignments and accessing grades. Need a fast and reliable service.
David PayneI am only 2 miles down from a dsl location, but they refuse to extend it to my home.
Mark Fawcett 
A Gillman 
Dan FllynnI have spoken extensively to Charter twice over the last ten years and have been continually frustrated. I have spoken with the township supervisor and been frustrated. They can do nothing. We want high speed internet.
xxxxxxxxOnly satellite or 3G are available at my residence in Southern Maryland. Haven't tried the 3G Mifi yet but have been using satellite internet for about ten years. It is terrible. The motto for satellite internet should be "today's dial-up."
Susan BoothWe live 1 mile from US23 and cannot get fast internet.
Chris Balas 
Celeste Balas 
Kris DeAngeloI'm SO HAPPY we're not alone in our struggle! I hope together we can get a result! We are only 1/4 mile in each direction from Broadband and Charter refuses to connect us! We'll spread to word and have other sign the petition 🙂
Lisa Schmidt 
Andrew Patania 
xxxxxxxxI am a freshman in high school at DHS. Many of our school assignments are REQUIRED to be submitted online; it takes a lot of time to do this using dial up. I frequently have to ask my mom to take me to the Dexter library to turn in assignments in the evening or to do online research as our home dial up is so slow.
xxxxxxxxBeing limited to using dial up to conduct business and personal life activities is very frustrating and time consuming.
Mary Hawk10min north of Ann Arbor and verizon is sketchy at best on a good day, I can't get voice mail on my ATT landline and a middle of the road Hughes Net plan is expensive and not that much faster than dial-up. Frustrated is the key word!
John Constantine 
Arlene AyersI'm next door at my daughter Debbie Wright's she has Hughes Net. Thanks for doing this.
Carol IversonI had to go next door to use their Hughes Net because our dial up is too slow.
Kristin Wright 
Deb WrightThank you for your efforts to get broadband to our area. I hope we can get something soon. It's painful to try to get any work done with the service we currently have.
Kim Meray 
Denise LambI hope we can have success with this. I know I need it and so do the rest of you. Lets work HARD
Teresa RussellThese companies should have to expand beyond the areas leased. Internet is a main aspect of most peoples lives now, speed is almost neccassry for many people now, since others rely on it as well.
Tim Lamb 
Joseph Maksinski 
Jeff DohnerThanks for setting up this well organized petition. I hope that one of these providers will take a look and see money to be made in the long run. 1st one to make it will get all the spoils.
Stephen KempSatellite service is all that is available on Valentine Road right now
Ronald Clements