A quick update from last weeks Board of Trustees Meeting and Planning Commission meeting. The short summary is we seem to have the Board and Planning Commission’s support, but the timing is longer than expected.

I think everyone on the Board understands and is in agreement that broadband is necessary and that 4G hot spots or satellite service are not adequate. I think we’ve done a good job convincing them of this fact and that action needs to be taken.

At the Planning Commission meeting, the discussion was focused on how to amend the ordinance. The need to do something was not in question. A draft ordinance revision was presented and disused. I was happy to see the PC laid out a clear time line of what they will do and when. Below is the “Home Run” timing, assuming everything goes smoothly:

March 5: Planning Commission reviewing revisions based on input from Feb. 19 meeting.
March 19: If all revisions are acceptable, vote to schedule public meeting in April.
April: Public meeting for comment on ordinance modification by residents.
May: Ordinance revision presented to Board of Trustees for their approval.
June: Ordinance revisions for internet service towers effective.

If the ordinances revisions allow a tower as a “permitted use”, a permit could be granted in June and construction of the tower begun. As proposed, however, the ordinance revisions will make internet service towers a “special use”. After the revisions go into effect in June, we have to apply for a special use permit and go through that process. The schedule for the special use process is as follows:

June: Apply for special use permit.
July: Public hearing is scheduled.
August: Hold public hearing to allow input by residents.
September: Special use permit can be approved.

So, under the current proposal by the Planning Commission, construction of a tower could begin in September. Again, this is the “Home Run” timing. Given the amount of support, I wouldn’t think there are any major obstacles, but I am not familiar with this process.

Thanks everyone for your support!