I want to thank everyone for coming to the Township Board of Trustees meeting Tuesday evening. Significant progress was made. The Board has officially asked the Planning Commission to draft language to amend the zoning ordinance to allow towers in agricultural districts. This puts us back on track, progressing toward a wireless internet service.

A special thank you goes out to our neighbor Josh Barclay. At the end of the meeting, he got up and asked the Board what action they were going to take. Although there had been much favorable discussion by the board throughout the meeting, they didn’t take any official action until Josh got up and pressed the issue. At that point, Trustee Carol Whitney, who spoke frequently during the discussion to support us, motioned that the Board direct the Planning Commission to investigate amending the ordinance. She was supported by Trustee Charles “Corky” Estleman and that got the ball rolling.

The process to amend the ordinance will take some months. I don’t know the process, but we are very fortunate that our neighbor Rob Mitzel does. Rob has been very helpful these last few months and has already begun working on draft language to update the ordinance. I will work to help Rob and get that done as quickly as possible.

I want to thank everybody for their patience. I’ll keep people posted as I find out more about timing and progress. Thanks again!