BroadbandNow is an organization working with local residents and communities with the goal of enabling high speed internet connectivity for unserved and underserved regions of Michigan by building a community-controlled open-access network. Current efforts are focused around western Washtenaw County and eastern Jackson County.

Existing satellite and cellular alternatives, with very high costs, poor reliability and low data limits, cannot meet the needs of the average household. We are working to build a foundational network of wireless towers and fiber infrastructure to enable Internet service providers to extend service into the broadband “dead zones” and eventually provide fiber to the home throughout the region.

Coming Soon: An updated mailing list! For now, you can Make your government agencies aware of the problem.


  1. I want high speed internet

  2. We need highspeed Internet, as soon as possible

  3. We need real internet service in our area now.

  4. Chris, Thank you for creating this site to bring everyone together. I had no idea so many people were interested in this in our area – I live off the north side of Scully. Please contact me, I might be able to help.

  5. It’s been a few months since an update. Has there been any activity on the Broadband front?

    • Yes, there has been some activity! It was a busy summer and I didn’t get as much done as I hoped, however. I’ll post an update to the blog.

  6. I found your website by accident – thought it was my state’s broadbandnow site.

    I live in VT and do not had any internet or cell phone service where I live. Ongoing fight with Fairpoint, Verizon etc – and I am not alone here in southern vermont.

    Sadly, it’s nice to see others across the US are having the same difficulty as we are in VT tring to get broadband or even cell phone services. Companies just dont want to spend $$$ on us backroad rural houses as they are not going to get their money back. The will not spend 10,000 on equipment to service only 1 or 2 houses (estimate of course). Dial up is a joke!

    Hoping you have better luck than we are having here in VT – it not only hurts consumer but also the economy – dont know how businesses can function w/o internet access.

  7. Many Thanks for writing, I just actually had been researching for anything very similar and was relieved
    to come across the tips from this posting.

  8. I need high-speed internet NOW. I can’t wait 5 years for it. All it would take is for Charter to expand their services just 2 miles.

  9. Dial up is just a joke. It takes an hour just to check emails. Downloads literally take DAYS (no joke, 110% serious). The ping rate is far, far too high for online gaming. When the phone rings, the internet is cut off, and you have to start all over on whatever you were doing. I pay $20.00 a month for my dial-up. It isn’t worth it. I wouldn’t even say it’s worth $5.00. I spent FIVE HOURS in just an attempt to order my daughter a Christmas present. I went to my mom’s house and used her AT&T U-Verse. It took 5 minutes. My son has been trying and trying for months to find a faster internet service, but it just isn’t there. Satellite internet is available, but it doesn’t fit our needs. We desperately need internet. REAL INTERNET.

  10. Hello all

    I live on Scully south of N. Territorial, and I am also interested in getting cable. For internet I am currently using Verizon 4G LTE, a jetpack. For TV, I am using dish TV And I still have an AT@T landline phone. No problems, but I would like to achieve lower costs by bundling.

    If you have received your tax bill, you will see that Webster Township is surveying township residents about this issue. The township granted the current cable company a franchise to do business in Webster township.
    Lets urge the township to pressure the cable company to provide service to all the township residents.

    Sorry that I am late to the party on this issue, forgive me if I have covered old ground.

    Lets figure this out and get it done

    Thanks sw

    • Hi Sylvia, There is a Township Board meeting at the Township Hall next Tuesday, Dec. 17th at 7:30 PM. Some of the neighbors from Scully Rd. will be there to try and make some headway on the broadband issue.

  11. Nice site. We have the same problem in the black hole better known as Lyndon Township! Im tired of Sat or Cell internet!

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