This map shows locations with access to Charter Cable (green check icon: ) and locations without access (red circle icon:).  Data for homes on Scully Road which cannot get cable is from my personal knowledge of the neighborhood.  Data for all other locations indicated is from querying the Charter Cable services tool on their website (, “check for special offers form”).  The results of the form are not 100% accurate, but after checking numerous known positive and negative locations, I believe the results I’ve presented here are a good representation.

Charter Cable, AT&T and Comcast all provide cable service in Webster Township.  Charter Cable is the only provider in the Scully Road area.  To the best of my knowledge, DSL is not available in the area either.


  1. This map is very enlightening. I thought it was just our small section of Valentine Rd., between Scully and Merrill, that had been forgotten. I can’t believe there is such a large area that doesn’t have service available. In this day and age, that is unheard of! I truly hope that by banding together, we can get the attention of someone that can bring us up to speed.

  2. We are not the only area. There are portions of Territorial as well as Joy Road where cable stops and then start up again a mile or so down the road. I suspect we’ll discover even more as we dig into this.

  3. You can add another data point to the map at the Scully Road/ Gregory Road intersection.
    As in “no access”

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