This is a posting of my June 12, 2013 email update

I wanted to reassure everyone that the broadband rollout is still moving forward. We are waiting on a visit by the tower installer to finalize requirements, so we have fallen behind schedule somewhat. After that, the process should move more quickly and I will have more info on costs and timing. The provider has indicated he’s been working on other details (pricing for the upstream internet connection, equipment specifications, etc.), to roll out our service.

I have asked the provider to come out for a neighborhood meeting sometime after July 4th, prior to the actual roll out. Neighbors could ask questions and he could gauge interest and plan for the build out. He was positive about doing this, but I don’t have a date yet. I’ll keep everyone updated when this could happen.

I should mention that I am not affiliated with the provider in any way. I will be a paying customer just like everyone else. I mainly pester him to keep things moving and communicate news to the neighborhood. Like everyone else, I want this to succeed and have good, reliable internet access, but I don’t have any real control or influence on the process at this point. Unlike previous companies I’ve dealt with, this provider has continued to demonstrate his commitment to the project, though!