This is a posting of my May 6, 2013 email update

Sorry for the lack of updates recently. The good news, we’re rapidly progressing to a broadband rollout! I can’t really think of any bad news, every thing is moving forward.

Here is the latest info:
I met with the service provider (Todd Gardner) Sunday. We drove around the neighborhood and inspected the tower site. It went well, He didn’t see any significant issues.
Todd has decided to handle installation of the tower. He’ll be working with Glen Wilson from M33Access to install the tower.
Todd is currently getting quotes on tower hardware and installation. If everything goes as planned, the tower could be up by the end of June and customers on line in early July.
Some tower parts are currently on back-order, so the dates can change.
The tower will be higher than the 50 feet initially discussed. In a nutshell here’s why:
A higher tower is needed to enable a stable high speed upstream connection out to the internet.
It allows us to upgrade service to 100 Mbps or possibly more in the future.
It will allow the use of more than one upstream provider from our neighborhood to the internet (i.e. a backup connection if we need one).
Most importantly, it will help reduce the need for special, higher power equipment on far away homes or homes behind a lot of trees. Some neighbors were concerned about this.
The tower will still be basically the same as in the picture I sent previously (small cross section, low profile), only with more sections on top and require guy wires.
I realize this is a very succinct summary. If anyone wants more details, let me know.

Todd expects firm pricing and delivery dates on the tower in the next couple weeks. That will allow us to nail down the details and then we can begin getting people signed up and scheduled to get service! Exact pricing for service is not finalized, but I expect it to be in line with his initial proposal of $45/month. I’ll know more when Todd gets the tower costs finalized.

I’ve included some pictures of the actual equipment that will be installed at peoples homes. Most customers will have the small box in this first picture mounted to the outside of their home:


For customers in very difficult locations, a higher “power” device will be used as shown in the second picture:


The one thing everyone could do to help is get the word out. My emails reach maybe one third of the neighborhood. I’m sure a number of neighbors don’t know anything about our efforts and more still don’t know how close we are to having broadband. So please spread the word!