Nothing but good news since the last update. I’ve talked with the Chief Media Engineer at WUOM about using the Peach Mountain tower for wireless broadband internet. They are very open to the idea and willing to work with us. Many thanks to our neighbor, Aaron Ridley, for getting me in contact with the people at Peach Mountain.

One hiccup did slow progress. 123Net, the provider I had been working with, sold their wireless business to Air Advantage, a Frankenmuth based company. Thanks (again) to Dan Manning at for getting me in contact with the right people at Air Advantage.

Air Advantage is taking a proactive role and has been very responsive. I have a WUOM/Air Advantage meeting set up in the beginning of June to get the ball rolling and find out what it will take to provide service.

I’m sure people are wondering

  1. When can we get service?
  2. What kind of service does Air Advantage provide?
  3. How much will it cost?

It’s too early to say if and when we’ll get service at this point, although I feel positive about it. I should have better information after our meeting in June.

Air Advantage currently offers service plans in the Thumb region that range from 1 to 5 Mbps for $38 to $68 per month. I will be asking if we can expect higher speed offerings now or in the future with a new build out like ours.

A huge benefit of Air Advantage is they do not have data caps like Satellite and cellular services. No speed reductions or overage charges. This is important even for the average internet household. If I were to upgrade my current slow, unreliable but unlimited 3G wireless plan for a new, faster 4G plan, I would average $180+ per month due to overage charges. For me it’s a no-brainer.