Progress has been slow, but there is some good news. Gaining access to the U of M tower on Peach Mountain for a wireless system may be possible and Charter cable will be doing another survey of our neighborhood.

Initial communication with U of M by a neighbor indicated that a 123Net wireless system needs to be licensed, have legal permission to operate on U of M land, and not interfere with their radio astronomy work. It is by no means a sure thing, but it is positive that we did not get a flat denial. I have not been able to arrange a follow up meeting with U of M and 123Net as of yet.

There is also renewed activity with Charter cable. Charter is supposed to come through our neighborhood late March/early April to re-asses cable deployment. This does not mean we will get cable, but they are looking at the situation. If anyone spots and Charter trucks in the area, let me know.

The Charter involvement is thanks to Dan Manning at Connect Michigan ( Connect Michigan is a non profit working with the Michigan Public Services Commission to increase broadband adoption. I have been talking with Dan over the last few months. He recently got the ear of the Senior Director of Engineering at Charter and told him of our situation. This isn’t the first time Charter has surveyed the neighborhood. I’m hoping we have the right people looking at the problem this time so they can come up with a realistic solution, however.