In June, I met with the WUOM Chief Engineer, WUOM Transmitter Engineer and representatives from Air Advantage, a wireless internet provider. We discussed using the WUOM tower on Peach Mountain to broadcast wireless internet into our area. The meeting went very well. WUOM has no internet access at their facility so they were responsive to a provider locating on their tower. Air Advantage was eager to use the tower to extend their coverage. The tower is strategically located to provide access into Livingston Country which is already part of their “territory”.

There didn’t appear to be any significant obstacles from a technical standpoint. There still may be legal or other reasons U of M could stop the project. The next step is for Air Advantage to negotiate a tower lease with U of M.

I have not been able to get a progress update from Air Advantage recently. I suspect no significant progress has been due to the bureaucracy at U of M or Air Advantage is just too busy. They are a small company which is rapidly expanding and may be short on resources. It is also possible that they have decided not to proceed with the project or could not get approval from U of M. I will get a response one way or the other and keep everyone posted.