Summer has come and almost gone, but broadband is not forgotten! Our next step is to get a neighborhood meeting together with representatives from 123Net ( They are the fixed wireless provider that could possibly give cable like internet speeds.

I was hoping to get this meeting together by the end of July. That didn’t pan out due to peoples vacation schedules and my work schedule. The 123Net rep was tied up for most of August, but I think the time is right to try and pull this together.

I talked with the Township, and they will let us use their hall for a neighborhood meeting. I need to get a date from 123Net, and then I’ll get the word out to everyone.

A brief refresher on 123Net and their services. 123Net is a provider out of Southfield that services areas from Detroit to Saline. They bought 20/20 Communications, an Ann Arbor based wireless company, about a year ago.

123Net offers a form of fixed wireless internet access. It is not the same technology as wireless services from cell phone companies like Verizon or AT&T nor is it the same as sattellite internet.

Due to the much smaller up front investment, a 123Net build out of service is most likely more feasible than getting service from Charter, Comcast or AT&T. In the neighborhood meeting, I would like to get more specifics on their services, costs, and comparisons to Cable and DS&L. What 123Net will want to see is interest from a large number of us. So the more people that can attend the better.

When I have a meeting date, I’ll get the word out!

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    • Jeff Dohner
    • Posted September 20, 2011 at 10:40 pm
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    Thanks for your continuing efforts. You can count me in when the meeting date arrives.