123Net met internally about a week ago to discuss expansion of their residential network and our area was “on the short list to get approved”. They have some work to do first before we can get “approved”, though.

A 123Net representative will be driving around the neighborhood in the coming weeks, noting possible locations to install antennas. My guess is they need at least one tall location above the treeline that can “see” one of their other transmitting antennas. They may need a few such installations around the neighborhood to get us all hooked up.

Myself and a couple of other residents have mentioned they would help out in whatever way they can to get us hooked up. I won’t know what they may require until after they look around. I half expect that mounting an antenna mast 10 – 20 feet above a barn roof or erecting a tall utility (i.e. telephone) pole with an antenna on top may be what it takes.

I have mentioned to them about the very tall U of M tower on Peach Mountain that is visible by nearly everyone on Scully road. There are numerous reasons why it may not be usable, but if they could broadcast from that tower, they could cover a large portion of the township.

I have no further info at this point on costs or feasibility. My guess is that, even if we had to erect two or three utility poles/antenna masts, the build out costs would be significantly less than cable.

I will pass along more information as I get it. At this point we just have to keep showing 123Net that we have a strong desire for broadband and we are willing to work out the kinks to make it happen!

Note, 123Net owns 20/20 Communications, which I believe services their residential customers. I don’t want to confuse things at this point, but service may actually come through 20/20 Communications.