This is a posting of my email updater from Nov. 11, 2012

Two updates. First, the bad news. I have have been unable to get an update from Air Advantage about wireless internet. With no response for over 2 months, I have to assume that the project is not going forward. I will continue to try and find out what happened.

Second, the better news. Charter surveyed our neighborhood and I received an official quote to build out cable service for $135,000. This is considerably less than the unofficial estimate of a $205,000 I received early last year. Charter is covering more of the $266,331 total build out cost themselves. I have to verify the exact coverage area and will follow up with more details.

The $135,000 represents about $1700 per home in the neighborhood. This is not a small sum. I know this is unaffordable for many, would be a bargain for some and others will be in the middle. For myself, I “ran the numbers” and found it will take only about 3 years to recoup $1700 because of lower monthly premiums for cable internet vs. typical wireless or satellite.

I would like to get people’s help and input on how to proceed. I need to understand people’s interest, commitment and questions. I also need to find any grants or loans that may be available. Other ideas have also come up such as forming a co-op to fund the build.