I made it to Grand Traverse Pie Company last Friday to remind State Representative Mark Ouimet about our effort to bring in broadband to the neighborhood. Mark was fielding tough questions on public service employees pensions and health care, so I didn’t speak up until things calmed down near the end.

Mark remembered me from Congressman Tim Walberg’s Coffee hour and again expressed his desire to understand more about the broadband issue. I reiterated that the State’s Uniform Video Services Local Franchise Agreement needs reformed. That that document usurps local governments power to serve their communities interests. Mark seems genuinely interested in the issue, but I think he currently has no time to work on it given the economy and budget issues.

County Commissioner Dan Smith was their as well. He has done some further research at the County and turned up a list of “tower” assets put together during the Wireless Washtenaw program. This is a listing of tall structures around the county that could hold antennas for a fixed wireless broadband system. This was a timely find, as I have been talking with 123Net about neighborhood wide broadband fixed wireless.

I also met Todd Girdis, President of IntelliHome Systems, a local small business. Todd was interested in what we needed as his company services many varied technology areas. While his company doesn’t build out broadband systems, he indicated he has worked with such companies. He was interesting to talk to and may prove a useful resource.

As always, thanks everyone for your help and support!